Presence. Just A Place You’d Rather Be

A place you’d rather be

While practicing presence there have been some recognizable milestones that may mark progress … It’s tricky to discuss presence tho.

Meditation had a draw … Did help cope, recover, and progress …

A few times … It felt good.

Internal Results … A few instants of presence?

External Results … Animals began to notice and responded differently than usual … And still do.

Internal Again …  A certain ‘feel’ sometimes noticed in the body and the mind when all pieces of practice were happening.

Latest Internal Difference … Inside one of those successful present moments it became less ‘some state’ to  ‘reach for’ amd more just another way of being … A normal place you just relax into … When it happens, not so hard a slide … Very, very comfortable … Might become a place you’d rather be …

“There” yet? … Who knows?

Walking Meditation

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