Walking Meditation

Ever seen the holy fool?

The Point?  “The only way to get anywhere else is to be where you are.”

Why Walking? ‘Cause it works and is an awful lot less boring!

Regarding Results:

Different for each person … Maybe?

To notice them? … Pay  attention to your own.

Results really aren’t the point … They are just encouragement … Let them go when you’re ready!

Presence … Could it just be inner stillness?

Worth the journey … Walking meditation just one way to travel.

Method Practiced:

Walk a safe calm-ish place

Distractions … Just helpers

Step aside to avoid vehicles … Noticing them is yet another part of the practice

Notice and give way to wildlife … More practice

Visual Focus … Wide-Angle Vision*

Mental focus … The spot between your eyes

Breathing helps … Sometimes


Herd the mind (Most useful … No joke)


Respect your pace … of course you “ought to should want to”

One step is progress … That ain’t so bad

Not trying … Oh yeah, that is the point

Enough is what you can

Maybe nudge a bit … Further

It’s ok not to … When?

What they say is true, there really is nowhere to go, nothing to do…no progress to make.

What of it’s really that nothing is missing from the present, the world?

A different way to communicate with the rest of the world …

A successful experiment … Mental focus between the eyes, in wide-angle vision.

The squirrels heard… “Shhhhh, shhhh, shhhh …” and did stop barking.

Humans … Something pretty interesting happens in the first few seconds just after you notice someone.

How do others react if you still your inner process and just gently notice them … And as if you were seeing all the good they carry?

Chickadees … Knew my inner state before I did!

Geese … Hear you when you are present … And they’re not the only ones!

*More about “Wide-Angle Vision” from Princeton University

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2 thoughts on “Walking Meditation

  1. What a great site. I love the idea of Walking Meditation. In my work with caregivers this would be a valuable way for them to stay focused on their own self-care as a reminder that caregiving is what they are doing not who they are….such an important distinction.


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