Acknowledgements …

And Gratitude …

Everyone else, and Mother Earth … Thank you!  Looks like maybe we are an essential piece in some kind of important process after all,  I mean … Why have 7.6 billion people, and our ancestors, left home to visit a small round rock drifting through infinity?  Is it really that great of a vacation spot, or … ?

William … moments of stillness … your suggestion that led to this website … and your coaching, well you had my back the whole way.  Without your insights thru the years … the road would have been a lot steeper. You and that E. Therapist guy have nudged well. Thank you!

Briana … Parenting gives back more than it requires.  You are a wonderful being and the most powerful woman I have ever known. Your ability to manifest helpful people is unparalleled!  I’m proud of you.  And in stepping up to the plate the way you have for Alla … wow!  You’ve done what every parent dreams of for their child … you’ve chosen to grow into your full self.  Awesome work!  I know it wasn’t easy!  I will always love you. Thank you.

Jordan, you’ve been part of Bri’s life for a long time.  I know your road hasn’t been easy either.  Anyone who can rise out of that and step up the way you do has got a good heart and has made some really good choices deep down.

Paula…You are a tried and true friend thru a lotta years … With a good heart…You are solid … And live with a vegetarian dog! And yes, of course the owner of the Universe is listening! Thank you!

Annie…Sorry for all the brother-ish teasing…Your gentle nudging began with,”You don’t have to tell mom and dad everything.” … And is still valued and helpful … Sisters are special beings … One who understands the wisdom of Wile E. Coyote…well that’s the acme! From the Vale of Manly foolishness I thank you in all sincere-iosity!

Tom Brown, Jr. and Jon Young … If you hadn’t shared your knowledge … Thank you both.

Wilderness Awareness School … I learned a lot more than I know, thank you, again, and again.

The Folks at WordPress … Last but not least … After all you made this so easy! Thanks! Started with free version … Upgraded to premium version … Well worth it! Excellent application! (I like the blue!)