Some thanks and acknowledgements are in order…

William … There are many life coaches … you stand out … wholeness and stillness come to mind when you do … I’d guess that few manage to coach with a moment of silence. Your suggestion led to this website, and your coaching helped me discover much of the content. Without you thru the years? Hmm, can’t quite imagine that. You, and that E. Therapist guy have nudged well. Thank you!

Briana … Parenting gives back as much as it requires, or more. You are a wonderful being and the most powerful woman I have ever known. Your ability to manifest helpful people is unparalleled! I’m proud of you, and will always love you. Thank you.

Paula…You are a tried and true friend thru a lotta years … With a good heart…You are solid … And live with a vegetarian dog! And yes, of course the owner of the Universe is listening! Thank you!

Annie…Sorry for all the brother-ish teasing…Your gentle nudging began with,”You don’t have to tell mom and dad everything you do” … And is still valued and helpful … Sisters are special beings … One who understands the wisdom of Wile E. Coyote…well that’s the acme! From the Vale of Manly foolishness I thank you in all sincere-iosity! “Neoichnology” who would have known?

Tom Brown, Jr. and Jon Young … If you hadn’t shared your knowledge … Thank you both.

The Folks at WordPress … Last but not least … After all you made this so easy! Thanks! Started with free version … Upgraded to premium version … Well worth it! Excellent application! (I like the blue!)