Foot Movements…

This page contains video clips that illustrate movements of the foot as it creates specific track features.

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Concept Illustrated: Canine Claw Tip Leaves Track in Fine Sand

The idea: During a step all the parts of the foot are involved, making their own contribution to the final details left in that track.  One limitation to reading the whole track is the tracker’s preconception of the movements of each part.  Oh yes, even the hair gets involved!

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The links below will take you to the rest of the illustrations.

Page: The Concepts of Tracking…
Testing Sand
The Translucent Foot
Whole Track: Red Fox – One Forward Step

Page: How To Find and See Tracks …
Controlling Lighting to Increase Visibility of Tracks
Finding the Next Track
Dust Compressions (Dull on Shiny by Canine Toe Pad)
Track on ‘Bare’ Rock (Red Fox Front Foot)
Using Stone Rolls to Find Tracks
The Tracking Stick

Page: How To Read Tracks …
True Track (Canine Toe Pad)
Simple Tire Track and Direction of Travel

Page: Species …
Deer Foot – One Walking Step
Red Fox Front and Rear Feet – Side Trot

Page: Track Features …
Pressure Against the Track Wall (Canine Toe Pad)
Simple ? Wave
The Layer of Sand in Contact With The Foot
The Ridge Between Canine Front Toes

Page: Trails …
The Human Trail