The Concepts of Tracking

The tools …

Tracking Concept“: (as used here)  Any aspect of reading the tracks and trail of any being or object through time, and across any surface that will hold a track (touch your finger to clean glass, or a dark iPad screen, then play with the light).  These include; methods, definitions, track structures, body and substrate movement, how to find and read both tracks and trails, and illustrations of the tracks of specific animal species, the influences of all the layers involved, and signs.

————— ————— ————— ————— ————— ————— ————– ————— ————— —————

Initial Idea:  Solve the first problem, the opaque foot.

The Goal:  Create a simulated translucent foot, that can interact with ‘sand’ objects, and animate it to make one step.  Use that foot to create a video clip of a foot creating a track in sand with the laws of physics applied to all interactions between sand and foot.

In this clip animation controls the rotation and location of the foot, while Rigid Body physics and the animation system control the interactions between sand objects and the foot surface (track formation).

(Human foot mesh from

——————- ——————- ——————— ————— ————— ————— ————— ————— —————

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