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If you are a beginning tracker some useful insights may be found among these pages.   Convenience nurtures persistence, so even a square yard of cleared and fluffed soil in your back yard, a track box with damp sand, or the perspective-altering sit spot have a lot to teach,  Rubbing shoulders with instructors and other trackers will always be helpful.  Going out and tracking (one form of “dirt time”) helps build skill and experience, and worrying about good you are only gets in the way of learning.   And then there are those many wonderful non-fiction books.

Most of the information shared here was learned over decades from various sources mentioned on the references page, and many other books on tracking.  The author brings his experience and perspective, gained in the years between his first class with Tom Brown, Jr., and after he enrolled as a student in Wilderness Awareness School’s Kamana program.  Since completion of that program, sit spot time and tracking have been regular parts of life.