The Sounds of Presence

This has only been experienced for a few moments … Still, it is really rather pleasant!

There is listening … to that bird.

There is spherical listening … All sounds in the sphere your ears can reach.

There is this hard to describe thing … Just you and the sound.

Comparing:  Imagine you are sitting in the center of a beautiful glass bowl, a few hundred yards in diameter.  Before you, an old radio, notepad and pencil.


Blue Simple Bowl

Listening: That bird song comes thru the radio …you notice, describe, and identify the sound, grab up the pencil and make a note.


Blue Shallow Bowl

Spherical Listening: All the sounds around you come thru the smart-radio, re-created in their real world location … you identify, grab the pencil, write the note.


Blue Blue Bowl

The Hard To Describe Thing:  Radio, pad, pencil, table, and whatever you were sitting on fade away,  oh, also the bowl and the one sitting.

You are present … The sounds are

Another way … Emptiness embraces the arrival of each sound

Oh yes, and emptiness has a feel … Very gently pleasant.

Bowls By Annie…

One more way: What’s the Sound Track of Home? – by William Wittman

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