Now You Don’t See It … Now You Do

This post is about current progress in illustrating tracking concepts… Finally the initial idea … After two years of learning skills, etc. This clip comes the closest yet to demonstrating the essential goal … And is really just a starting place. From here?  Refining how the foot behaves, illustrating more concepts of tracking. What’s different … More Now You Don’t See It … Now You Do

It May Seem Like Failure…

So the trip towards Presence has gone: Learning there was a thing called ‘Presence’… Considering that… Choosing to reach for it… Picking a way… Reaching… And almost immediately old “Lizard Brain” had lots of  well-meant inner comments to share about the process.  Both of us still seeing it as some mystical “thing” and fearing failure, we naturally … More It May Seem Like Failure…

Useful Tracking Skills … Managing the Sun

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle … Sherlock Holmes … Tracking … When he created Holmes, Sir Arthur had his character develop one primary skill, observing details, sometimes minute or obscure.   And like a talented artist or photographer, Sir Arthur applied shadow – the bad guys, to define his subject – Holmes. Holmes was really good at … More Useful Tracking Skills … Managing the Sun

Nudging By Allowing

This post is about the process of moving into presence. Early on in the journey it was kinda like doing push-ups … You just do the work of raising and lowering the body, work hard, and you make progress. But you can nudge yourself towards progress with varying amounts of effort … Here we see medium … More Nudging By Allowing