It May Seem Like Failure…

The Appeal of Presence

So the trip towards Presence has gone:

Learning there was a thing called ‘Presence’…

Considering that…

Choosing to reach for it…

Picking a way…


And almost immediately old “Lizard Brain” had lots of  well-meant inner comments to share about the process.  Both of us still seeing it as some mystical “thing” and fearing failure, we naturally looked for signs of progress.

And also quite naturally we interpreted the signs backwards.

For example:  the first instant of what might have been actual Presence (‘instant’ is used precisely) we interpreted as failure because it was so short.

Oh boy! The things we do to ourselves!  Me and Lizard Brain turned  success into failure the second after we achieved it!

Success?  Well, here’s the point of this post…That experience may also be looked at this way … As of that instant, some part of me found how to reach, or allow, presence and demonstrated it.

It also means Lizard Brain will get out of the way.

That means I now know the way.

Doesn’t mean I can go there at will, or stay all day … But who cares!  It’s only the journey that really matters.

P.S. Time tables … Really, really don’t help at all … Ever drag an anchor around?


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