Nudging By Allowing

This post is about the process of moving into presence.

Early on in the journey it was kinda like doing push-ups … You just do the work of raising and lowering the body, work hard, and you make progress.

But you can nudge yourself towards progress with varying amounts of effort … Here we see medium scale nudging by a road grader.

Medium Scale Nudging
Medium Scale Nudging

Demonstrated in the next image is a more refined form of nudging.  “Allowing” or “Letting” might describe this way to progress.

Nudging by Allowing
Nudging by Allowing

Something to play with, this allowing.  Wonder what would happen if, instead of doing push-ups you ‘allow’ yourself to be present?

How does one ‘allow’?

This morning it went this way…

Walk…Start Meditating…A moment of presence happened…Instead of trying to grab, maintain, or practice my way into staying there, I did nothing.  And that sense of presence just flowed back in…Must have lasted for a hundred yards or so…

Oh, and by the way, occasionally during instants of presence a rather interesting state occurs.  If it isn’t a sense of connection and love for everything and everyone around, it has to be some form of alien mind control by beings from the 42nd dimension.  My vote’s for the first.


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