The Art of Focusing on Nothing…Wide-Angle Vision The Easy Way!


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In a way meditation is the art of focusing on nothing to find everything …  But nothing is pretty large territory … So how to pick a point to begin?

William, my life coach for years, told me about a spot we always see and rarely notice … Right between the eyes.  It’s not the nose so don’t try that one.

And I’d guess he might agree that focusing on nothing using wide-angle vision is a pretty good way to meditate.

What are these exactly?

The spot we rarely notice is no place … Nothing … It doesn’t exist as a physical place.  If it did it would be between your eyes and just behind your skin.

Wide-angle vision is focusing on your entire field of view without focusing on just one thing.

You can do these while standing still or sitting (don’t try them when operating any kind of machinery, or in any other situation that might put you in danger, because that’s exactly what focused vision is for).

The spot between your eyes sounds easy enough to find … But …  We are so addicted to focused vision that it can be a bit difficult to teach one’s self to find that place, slippery to stay there, and oddly frustrating to return to quickly.

Here’s the point of this post … An easy and quick way to do both and clear the mind at the same time.

Imagine a circle like a wheel out in front of you, and you are looking at it from the side.   Starting at any place on the circle use your head (not your eyes) to gently and slowly move your vision around that circle.  While doing that, let your eyes fade out of focus and into seeing your whole field of view.

Just one or two loops usually is enough.

As you do this movement you will automatically ease into wide-angle vision and it will be moving wide-angle vision and you will be focused on the spot between your eyes.

You are teaching your mind to find and focus on that elusive spot of nothing … A big step towards presence.

You are enabling your mind to know how to slip into wide-angle vision … A whole new world of awareness waits there.

One thought on “The Art of Focusing on Nothing…Wide-Angle Vision The Easy Way!

  1. I cannot wait to share this site with my husband’s brothers! They’re all big hunters in northern AZ. This will be a fun read! Such interesting content, thanks!


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