Which Came First: Collision or Movement ? … What About Falling?

Collisions … One thing that creates movement.

Which Came First?
Which Came First?

The image here is a very slow collision, lasted a couple of days, then someone decided it needed help.
Tracks are the leftovers from big collisions: feet colliding with ground to move bodies … Which really were lots of small collisions between feet surface and soil.
Every collision is the same … No? They are each unique?  Well yes, we are both right.
Each is unique because it’s always different forces, intents, directions, substrates varying slightly, etc.
Each is exactly the same because the same laws of physics apply to foot and substrate every single time a step is made.

There is one possible exception, some animals and a few people seem to be able to float for a few steps across the ground leaving no tracks and nothing to feel track. This is obviously magic so normal physics may not apply.

Here is more about collisions and illustrating tracking concepts.

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