Communication In Presence: Like the Mind … Under-Utilized


Combining communication with presence.

The Question: “How does one communicate with the rest of the world?”

1. Fences – Limited but sorta clear

2. Words – Less limited and flexible

Your mind runs your mouth producing words … Something comes out … Works best between humans … Somewhat accurate.

3. Before Words … In the first few seconds

During the first moment … Stop your inner process and focus a gentle and accepting, open attention on the other, there is an inner opening thing you can do then also … It helps to make eye contact … This is noticed.

4. Communication In Presence …  That golden first moment has passed …  Or not

Experiment while focused on the spot between the eyes, and in wide angle vision.

Results: (While Communicating In Presence)

The squirrels … Ignoring them, or throwing old pine cones is just encouragment, but they do understand a gentle … “Shhhhh, shhhh, shhhh …”. (Works best when produced with a falling tone.)

Humans … A lot of significant data really does go both ways in the first few seconds of the first moment … Perhaps more than we realize? … Oh yeah, we’re animals also.

Chickadees … Know you are present even when you don’t … Sometimes tell you when you’re getting it right and not trying.

Geese … Hear what squirrels do … Also read body language.

Summary: The rest of the world is waiting for us to reach presence.

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