Effortless Nudging … For Real

 Life without problems?

Not sure about that, but life does seem to come with an awful lot attached.  And so many arrive convinced they need a solution!   You know.  This writer thinks many problems estimate their own importance a bit too high, but we’re all entitled to an opinion or two, and all must cope.

So we’re talking about problem solving and this is no joke … The author has successfully tested one method for years.  It requires just one simple and vastly under-utilized tool … The mind, sleep also, oh yeah, and a problem.

Doesn’t work on every problem.  It has solved more than not.   Didn’t think to test it on the kind that tends to keep you from falling asleep, and loves to wake you up…

The question: How do we use our minds to solve problems?

Usual Way: Think, plan, scheme, try out, create, network, blunder … All the usual methods … Instinctively used at the first sign of a problem … And they often work.

Lazy Way: Try the ‘Usual Way’, get nowhere.  Go to sleep that night thinking about the problem… Wake up next day … Work on the problem.

How It Goes:

Apply ‘Usual Way’ … If it fails:

Apply ‘Lazy Way’ … Go to sleep.

Wake up.

“Hmph!  Still no solution! Yeah, that really worked!”

“Dang!  Was so hoping.”

“Oh well, lets see what we can do anyway.” (most important step!)

Work … Work … Wor…And unexpectedly a new idea pops to mind

“What?  Hey! That solved it!”

(And this has happened so many times after sleep-processing a problem that is sure seems likely the solution is what your mind arrived at overnight)

What’s Really Going On: A Theory

Because the problem is on your mind as you fall asleep, the brain continues to gnaw on it at some level of consciousness ( or rewire?).  When you wake up, sometimes there is still no apparent solution.  However, when you next work on the problem that day, that overnight solution bubbles up to consciousness, more often than not.

This is a fascinating aspect of the mind and one can’t help but wonder how far its use can be extended?

How does it  work for you?

Seem like a worthy thing to play with?

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