Presence . The Feel of Progress …?

From the start there seemed no way to measure progress …

There was only practice … Then frustration … And continuing … Breathe, Focus, Walk … “Am I there yet?” … Breathe, Re-focus, Walk some more … Continue.

Over the months and years some of  Martha Beck’s book “Finding Your Way In A Wild New World” sank in.  The squirrels really do hear and stop barking, the goose didn’t get up, and Chickadees noticed.

A new feeling was noticed … A certain ‘feel’ noticed in the body and the mind when all pieces of practice were happening; wide angle vision, mental focus on the spot between the eyes, walking … So mind helped reach towards no-mind … Simplifying  the practice into one thing …  Think about it and the mind brings up and runs that routine.

(Hmm, kinda reminds me of a ‘method’ in Java)

No, probably not presence itself, but yes, feels like successful movement in that direction.

Oh yes, by the way, it is rather pleasant … Not fully effortless, more like when walking turns from learning how, to thoughtless effort.

Why worth mentioning?  One uses mind to get to no mind?

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