“Stacking Sand”?

Because it applies accurately, and describes exactly…

The journey towards presence, or inner stillness (‘sanity’ some would say) is kind of essential, and can be a bit like attempting to stack sand grains …. walking meditation has been one successful approach … dirt roads less-traveled are useful places.

Inner stillness is a useful tracking skill … we often go there while deeply engaged in any absorbing activity … if you are interested you probably recognize it as a useful life skill also?

Generating 3D animated models … Fumble with words or show others exactly what you see in your mind  … I wonder how useful that might be?

Shortening the learning curve for beginning trackers … Clarifying communication and improving it’s accuracy … Is it worth some effort?   Well, even for the gifted, it can be a life long learning process, and not finished then.

What would you say to knocking off a few years? … And how much further along the learning curve do you think that might place someone in a lifetime? … And how much would the world benefit from having a more master level trackers around?

(For accuracy … Years of reading tracks and this writer has a long way to go yet … modeling tracking concepts is part of nudging himself towards more skill)

To illustrate tracking concepts accurately with 3D modeling software requires learning the software, as well as thought and insight about…

– how sand and other substrates behave, and what causes that behavior?

– what principles of physics apply?

– how does the material interact with the foot?

– not to mention how the body moves, how feet and gait reflect the movements and health of the body, the emotions of the mind, and then intent … and then there is weathering … And the tracks you can’t see…

Using 3D modeling software to express inner vision clearly is in part constant problem solving.  Problem solving is its own complex process … skill, persistence, finding work-arounds, and the gentle art of nudging might be useful tools.

After all is said and done what remains?

The Universe, a small pile of sand, you, and the rising wind…

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