Nudging … Is not

Combining a sledge-hammer with rocks and persistence.

Definitely not the miraculous instant solution.

(There are similarities)

Nudging … Is

A life skill … Almost universally useful.

The dictionary:  “1. to touch or push gently;  2. to prod lightly; urge into action”

They left out …

“Problem solving by finding the first baby step …And continuing.”

Nudging … A chronological history

– Murphy … Created first system of universal laws …

– The Universe … Adopted Murphy’s Laws ver. 1 (Before it was realized they lead to much confusion … Few, if any, understand where these laws are meant to nudge us.)  … Created time to limit Murphy’s effects … That one worked better … Added gravity … Very clear … Never fails

– Glaciers … Use it constantly

– An example from Human history  … Used to solve procrastination about beginning to live on the ground

– The inventor of bowling … Impatience led to efficiency?

– Propellers.

Applied Nudging 101

“That problem cannot be solved.”

“Well, I could do this little bit.”

“Hmm, that worked … What if…?

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